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Da Phat Spot

Special: The Game
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Bad Boy 4 Life!
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Special: The Game
Da Phat Spot Part ll

The Games Life and What It's lead to...

(The Special will change every month but for the month of may find out about the Game and his struggles)

California Kid, The Game, has been through so much in his life. He started off in Compton LA where he was born and raised with his brother. In case you don't know, Compton is literally, the hood of the world.


The Game was chillin' in his bachelor flat in year 2001 when he heard a knock on the door. He peaked through the peak hole and saw someone unfamiliar, claiming to know him. He opened the door and three men pounded in on him. In his frenzy to protect himself, he was shot. He fell in coma.


He woke up in a state of trauma. His life would never be the same. He went home and asked his brother to get him every classic rap album he could find. His brother did so. For years, The Game listened to these albums, relating to these rappers problems until finally, The game started rapping. He released mix tapes and he was the hottest on the underground. Little did he know, Dr. Dre's ears were open and he thought he ought to meet this kid.


The doc brought The Game to his studio where he heard thirty seconds of his rap when he cut him off. The Game was nervous until Dr. Dre said "I'mma do anything to sign this kid."
Now The Game is at the top with his hits: How we Do, Dreams, Hate it or love it, and West Side Story.

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