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Bad Boy 4 Life!
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P. Diddy doing it real big...

New York Rapper P. Diddy was the big man in the 90's.
This Go getter founded bad boy entertainment in 1998 and it was huge!


Bad Boy Records held big artists like the late Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, Mase, and R&B group 112. But then it all fell apart.


The Notorious B.I.G, the big boy from the east, died from a bullet in 1997. He was bad boys foundation, thats when it collapsed. Faith Evans, his loyal wife, was the first lady of bad boy and devastated, she needed to take a break from it. She resigned from bad boy. 112 also left for a period of time as did mase, and that left P. Diddy with his amateur singers. They Include 8 ball and Mario Wynans.

But Thats not all for bad boy. Lately P. Diddy has been stepping his game an executive. His singer career has been on the low but he's be recruiting member in bad boy entertainment. First, he made a hot hit with Mario Wynans, entitled "I don't want to know," which was on the top of the charts for weeks. Then he founded bad boy latina with his homie, daddie yankee. And as if it wasn't enough, He started bad boy south including the hot new underground rap group, boyz n da hood.


On top of the music business, P. Diddy owns his own clothing line named after himself, "Sean John." He also owns a car company which consists of "souped-up" Navigators which he purchases and customizes. Lastly, he was head of campaign in the November 2004 election, encouraging young black people to vote, entitled "Vote Or Die"


So What, you ask, are the former bad boy pioneers up to? Well Faith Evans has left bad boy records and switched to universal, where she released her album "First Lady," which already recieved huge support from BET. As did 112 after their first appearence in over 5 years. Mase came back with his big entrance and he stayed contracted with Bad Boy Records.

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