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Whats Up With 50?
The End of Li'l Kim?
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Whats Up With 50?
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Lots happening with 50 Cent...

Controversial rapper 50 Cent has made a deal to avoid jail time for an incident in which he launched himself into the audience to retaliate against someone who sprayed water at him.

Three women claimed to have been injured in the incident last year in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The rapper was charged with assault, but a judge agreed to drop the charges if he agreed to submit to random drug testing for two years, produce an anti-violence educational video and attend an anger management class


Also, 50 cent is founder of G-Unit Records, which include singing sensations Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and The Game.


G Unit records has tried to sign artists in a transition phase such as shyne, but when shyne refused, 50 cent started picking beef with him, as he has done with so many others. Also he has tried to sign Mobb Deep who will most probably be a part of G Unit Records by 2006. G Unit is also a clothing line sold throughout only america.

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